About pistamed


Pistamed is a new brand that belongs to a family business historically related to the agricultural exploitation, which has worked during the last 20 years in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, paying special attention to the cultivation processes.

The deep knowledge accumulated over the years, as well as the different techniques carried out in the collection and processing process, has favored the final product, bringing to the market a pistachio of Spanish production grown in the Mediterranean area and offering a varied assortment of ranges.

In addition, the technical team has qualifications that guarantee the safety and quality of pistachio, including extensive knowledge in the development of R & D.


Quality: We guarantee a product that maintains its nutritional properties.

Freshness: We are at the forefront of new consumer trends.

Innovation: We improve the agricultural exploitation techniques to achieve a high quality product.

Distinction: We design a differentiated product through the use of innovative techniques

Sustainability: Committed to the environment in the growing and packaging processes.

Pistachios from Spain Pistamed



Pistamed continuously invests in the improvement of its facilities and machinery in order to increase its efficiency, productivity and quality. It is highly valued the work tools with which all the products are made, from the cultivation process to the final packaging.

Achieving success in the areas of a company with a long history in the agricultural sector has not been easy. To do this, there have been countless advances and updates in the facilities, adapting the new machinery and current technology to the agricultural process.

Currently, Pistamed has 600 hectares where the best pistachio variety recommended for daily consumption is grown. In a land where the Mediterranean climate predominates. The facilities where the production activity takes place are located in the northwest of Murcia and in the surroundings of Alicante, accessible to the public to visit and consult the origin and doubts that may arise about the treatment of the product: the Mediterranean pistachio, made in Spain. All the processes through which they pass have a national origin. Pistamed pistachios are cultivated, collected and marketed in Spain.

You can enjoy the Pistamed experience and visit our facilities, through the contact form.  We will personally guide you through the visit of the plantation. You can learn how the process of a dried fruit is from the moment in which the seed is harvested.

Pistachios land from Spain